• Tim Peters – Peters Engineering: Ihr zuverlässiger Partner in allen Fragen zur Passiven Sicherheit.

We advise and support our clients

We offer you competent support as a development engineer or test engineer in the field of passive safety and crash testing.

We advise or support you in carrying out safety tests of any kind. No matter whether it is a matter of sled, crash or component tests or even customer-specific replacement tests. We work for you digitally in the “back office”, e.g. in the preparation of reports or parts or vehicle documentation. Or we represent you on your test facilities to take over complete tests on your order.

Simply ask for a non-binding information request by phone, e-mail or in a personal meeting. We look forward to getting to know you.

We advise and support you in all questions and challenges in the field of passive safety and crash. For example, we create an individual test matrix for your projects, based on the project requirements (e.g. EuroNCAP), internal requirements, your target markets and the associated legal requirements. We support you in the preparation of internal and external test requirements and, if wanted, guide the tests (e.g. crash tests) “with their eyes”. We analyse data and vehicles for you and, if wanted, we develop solutions for the optimisation of your product from the results. Furthermore, if required, we support you in your internal committees and in the presentation of the results.

Do you have an almost finished product and need a technical service for certifications / approval assessments according to UN-R 94, UN-R 95, UN-R 100, UN-R 135 or UN-R 137? Or you are so far in development that you ask yourself: “Which tests for passive safety do I need for certification / approval?” Get in touch with us. As authorised signatories of the Technical Service of the Gesellschaft für Technische Überwachung (GTÜ mbH), we offer you competent advice on all questions concerning the certification of your product with regard to passive safety. We accompany the legal tests and prepare the necessary reports for the Federal Motor Transport Authority.”

Increasing eMobility also means rethinking engineering services. We are looking forward to taking on new challenges and exciting projects – eMobility is part of our range of services at no extra charge. Regardless of whether you need our support as a test or development engineer.

Use any way to contact us without obligation, whether by phone, email or in person in your location! We will listen to you and will submit an individually matched offer to you.