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Tim Peters – Peters Engineering: Ihr zuverlässiger Partner in allen Fragen zur Passiven Sicherheit.


We offer you competent support in the field of passive safety and crash as a development engineer or test engineer.

Das Einzelunternehmen des Firmengründers und Ingenieurs Tim Peters strebt eine baldige wie stetige Expansion des Unternehmens Peters Engineering an.


We are gladly taking you with us on our company’s development. Like every company, Peters Engineering also starts small.

Nachhaltigkeit ist uns wichtig! Unsere Partner kommen soweit möglich aus der näheren Umgebung. Kurze Wege sparen CO2 und kommen uns allen zu Gute.


Sustainability starts with thinking about how and where you can reduce your own ecological footprint.

Welcome to Peters Engineering GmbH

Your experts for passive safety and crash in vehicle development

One of the central cross-sectional functions in vehicle development is passive safety. Passive safety deals with the new vehicle from the initial ideas, through development and production. Passive safety forms the basis for a functioning restraint system, for example by describing and defining deformation zones. Passive Safety start to work when Active Safety has exhausted all its possibilities.

Our services can offer you complete development expertise, depending on which development phase you are in. We support the definition of necessary deformation paths. We help plan the necessary tests and distribute them sensibly across the development phases. We create test descriptions and analyse any data related to the project goals. We systematically get to the bottom of problems and develop solutions and measures for you.

Project management

Everything and nothing is hidden under the title of project management. For us at Peters Engineering GmbH, project management means that we work with you, the client, towards a defined goal. This goal can be very different. Let’s take the definition of a crash specification as an example. In our experience, the relevant and required information is usually not saved centrally. Keywords are: the seat adjustment field, target specifications for standing heights, crash weights, specifications for the colouring of details, standard measuring points, camera cut-outs, etc. The crash specification is not centrally stored. Especially at the beginning of the development of a vehicle, this information is not available and it can change when the development phases change. It is therefore important in project management to collect information, bundle it and keep it up to date. As well as escalating the issues in the hierarchy in case of challenges and preparing their solutions.

Project management at Peters Engineering GmbH, project management means that we work with you, the client, towards a defined goal

We advise and support our clients

We offer you competent support in the field of passive safety and crash as a development engineer or test engineer. We are your reliable partner for advice or implementation in all questions relating to passive safety.

Als Versuchsingenieur beraten oder unterstützen Sie bei der Durchführung von Safety-Tests jeglicher Art

Our solution as
test engineer …

We advise or support you in carrying out safety tests of any kind. No matter whether it is a matter of sled, crash or component tests or even customer-specific replacement tests. We work for you digitally in the “back office”, e.g. in the preparation of reports or parts or vehicle documentation. Or we represent you on your test facilities to take over complete tests on your order.

Simply ask for a non-binding information request by phone, e-mail or in a personal meeting. We look forward to getting to know you.

Als Entwicklungsingenieur beraten und bestärken Sie bei allen Fragen und Herausforderungen im Bereich der Passiven Sicherheit und Crash

Our solution as
development engineer …

We advise and support you in all questions and challenges in the field of passive safety and crash. For example, we create an individual test matrix for your projects, based on the project requirements (e.g. EuroNCAP), internal requirements, your target markets and the associated legal requirements. We support you in the preparation of internal and external test requirements and, if wanted, guide the tests (e.g. crash tests) “with their eyes”. We analyse data and vehicles for you and, if wanted, we develop solutions for the optimisation of your product from the results. Furthermore, if required, we support you in your internal committees and in the presentation of the results.

eMobilität im Crashtest


Increasing eMobility also means rethinking engineering services. We are looking forward to taking on new challenges and exciting projects – eMobility is part of our range of services at no extra charge. Regardless of whether you need our support as a test or development engineer.

Use any way to contact us without obligation, whether by phone, email or in person in your location! We will listen to you and will submit an individually matched offer to you.

“We keep your knowhow”

Peters Engineering in Boeblingen

Over 20 years of experience in the automotive industry

We introduce ourselves. Starting from the sole proprietorship of the company founder and engineer Tim Peters, we hope for a growing number of customers and a soon as steady expansion of our company Peters Engineering.

Tim Peters

Tim Peters

Diplom-Ingenieur (FH)

On 01.09.2023 I will celebrate my 20th anniversary in passive safety. I collected my experience and skills in this area of vehicle development in various companies. In the following, I would like to briefly describe the different perspectives of my career:

1. I started at the company ACTS GmbH & Co.KG in Sailauf, as a test engineer. As a service provider, I carried out crash tests for various customers in this position. My responsibility was to ensure that the customer’s test requirements were implemented in the vehicle by the mechanics. I coordinated crash tests of all configurations (front, side, rear crashes, rollovers and special tests), their execution, documentation and report writing.

2. I changed to the company Bertrandt Ingenieurbüro GmbH in Ingolstadt, as a development engineer. Here I supported the structural development for side crash, for different derivatives of the AUDI AG. My tasks included the organisation of the planned crash tests. I was responsible for the timely completion of the requirements. In the development phase before crash, I was the contact person for the mechanics if there were problems with the implementation or questions about the requirement. After supervising the crash tests, I carried out the structural analysis on the vehicles. This included the preparation of the digital data as well as the partial disassembly of the crash vehicle. I presented the results of the analyses in various committees.

3. During my time at Daimler AG in Stuttgart, as a development engineer in the VAN division, my job title was “cross-sectional function passive safety”. I was responsible for the V-Class / Vito and was the first point of contact for all questions on this topic. During this time, my field of activity expanded to include all crash configurations and, temporarily, the topic of pedestrian protection was added.
I developed the series from the first ideas in the design through all development phases to the worldwide approvals and certifications. When markets or equipment features were expanded, I was in constant contact with the technical project management and other necessary interfaces. I derived the necessary crash tests and vehicles in order to create an internal release and, if necessary, to achieve a homologation.
The presentation of results and the recommendation of measures to different management levels was part of my job. As part of the development and homologation of the series, I was in contact with the GDV (German Insurance Association) for the hull rating, with technical services and with Euro NCAP.

4. Since 2021, I have been working in this industry as a self-employed engineer in my own engineering office and you are currently browsing my page. In this role, I see myself as a support for all questions and tasks related to passive safety, so feel free to ask without obligation.

“What we do today decides what the world will look like tomorrow.”
Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

Ein wichtiger Bestandteil unserer Philosophie besteht darin, Handlungen, Methoden und Abläufe infrage zu stellen und unter ökologischen Aspekten zu optimieren.


Sustainability starts with thinking about how and where you can reduce your own ecological footprint. An important part of our philosophy is to question actions, methods and processes and optimise them from an ecological perspective.

Partner from the region

Peters Engineering GmbH is not afraid to travel! But as far as possible, we prefer to work with partners in the immediate area. Short distances save CO2 and benefit us all. This applies, for example, to the design of this website, the photos or the workspace in the office.

Our thanks for the support go to:

Responsible mobility

The employees of Peters Engineering are aware of their responsibility towards the environment and, for example, do not take national flights.

The company vehicles at Peters Engineering are MildHybrids. Why only MildHybrids? From our point of view, the use of a MildHybrid is currently the best compromise in terms of range and flexibility for our employees. Another advantage from our point of view is the minimal use of lithium, the mining and recycling of which is problematic.

  • Nachhaltigkeit ist uns wichtig! Unsere Partner kommen soweit möglich aus der näheren Umgebung. Kurze Wege sparen CO2 und kommen uns allen zu Gute.


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